2 BIG & BEAUTIFUL features in 1 MIGHTY app!

BUZZ - SOCIAL NETWORKING WITH local Professionals & Adventurers

You deserve work-life balance! Find local professionals and adventurers who you would actually like to spend some of your precious social time with.



BUZZ - QUALITY LIFESTYLE & value driven matching!



Are you going to BUZZ CHAT to arrange to meet? Maybe create a BUZZ GROUP CHAT for your awesome event? Or, simply arrange to explore the city or beach during a conference or weekend break!


Bizz feature – The dating app for business!

Bizz is a smart, innovative, business matching tool for startups, SMEs, freelancers, coworkers…

BIZZ - Facilitates Marketing & Networking. Try the BIZZ localised matching algorithm!

Simply select your preffered options from ‘Looking for…’ or, ‘Offering to…’. Discover relevant, local B2B matches. Connect & BIZZ Chat on contracts/projects. Go Network! Market your BIZZ!

BizzBuzzBoom JUST LAUNCHED!  Amazing 2 innovative professional networking features in one app – ‘Bizz’ & ‘Buzz’.


Download BizzBuzzBoom & Access both ‘Bizz’ & ‘Buzz’. Check out now this Awesome, Professional App, BizzBuzzBoom. Click the button below to download …



Discover local Professionals & Adventurers you are more likely to
want to spend your precious social time with

Find people in your immediate vicinity who reflect your quality lifestyle & values

You have the means to do cool stuff and so do I!

Mutual interest opens up chat

Display an event/activity. Coordinate in group chat

Download a free 3 month subscription

Have fun with Buzz. Use as icebreaker at party or event

Profile quick and easy to set up


The Business App

Simply select what you are 'Looking for' or 'Offering' for a potential local Bizz match


Co-Working Space & Resource Sharing




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Why Choose Us

What type of people am I likely to find on Buzz?

People who download BizzBuzzBoom are likely to have done super well professionally, or have adventurous kind of lives.  They have the means to  enjoy quality lifestyles and like you may already have a great set of friends.

However, these friends are now on a different chapter of the ‘book of life’ and are not quite as available. So Buzz quickly and simply puts you in the right arena to meet the sort of people you are much more likely to  have something in common with – people who inspire you  and keep your attention.

Download BizzBuzzBoom now and have fun reenergising your friendship circle

What is different about BUZZ matching?

The BUZZ  feature of BIZZBUZZBOOM is smart, simple to set up and hugely fun to use.

No need to fill out a lengthy, intrusive questionnaire.

Simply choose the quality lifestyles and values that most represent you.

The Buzz Matching, Innovative Connector finds others in your vicinity that are a potential match to your vibe.

Think about it…

Often your stronger relationships are with people who lead a similar quality lifestyle.

Shared values are also usually a key factor in establishing who is friend worthy.

Buzz discovers other professionals and adventurers in the area who have these traits and introduces you.

You may find you have a 70% ‘lifestyle’ potential match and 30% ‘values’ potential match.

If this sounds good, simply swipe to show your interest.

It’s a great way to find more meaningful, friend worthy relationships.

It’s fast to set up and fun!




Can I use Buzz when I am travelling?

Whether you are in London, or in Barcelona on a work assignment you could be starting up a conversation within ‘Buzz’ with an interesting someone or a group of people.

Simply check out  the potential matches Buzz puts forward. If you then both agree to start a conversation within Buzz, you may be arranging to meet up locally at an exhibition or joining for Tapas.

Download BizzBuzzBoom now and  have fun making new professional friends locally, or when at your next oversees conference.

How do the matches happen in Buzz?

‘Buzz’ assesses your lifestyle and values and triggers  fabulous,  potential matches in your immediate location for you to consider.

Will I meet people who are currently in my location?

Set the distance you want to search within, is it around the corner or a little drive away? Then  browse potential matches that most reflect your own lifestyle and values.   If you both agree that you are match, Buzz chat opens up. Chat within Buzz, and decide whether you want to meet up.

We hope you have fun making new friends, but remember…

No matter how much you have text and seen pictures of their adorable puppy, or their state of the art golf club, or their ‘Help in the Community Volunteer of the Year Award… Keep yourself safe and only meet in a public place. Use your common sense and read tips on meet up safety.

I have an extra ticket – interested?

‘Great you have an extra ticket for Wimbledon! I would love to go’.  Explore with your Buzz match whether to chat and make the centre court experience  happen!

How does Bizz support start-ups and entrepreneurs?

The BIZZ feature of the BIZZBUZZBOOM App is  ideal for start ups, freelancers, SME, Coworkers.

The Bizz, aspect of BizzBuzzBoom gives you the opportunity to show case your business to other business owners and potential clients.

The BIZZ matching algorithm is highly targeted and helps you also find local business opportunities.

Bizz not only enables you to grow your business, but also helps you develop professionally.

Check the BIZZ feature out of BIZZBUZZBOOM  – Sign up is free.

‘Brand your business with BizzBuzzBoom!’


I actually like the fact that you have to pay for BizzBuzzBoom.  It isn’t cheap, but then the people you find on the app aren’t likely to be either.

Ben, UK – BizzBuzzBoom

This cool app will let me find and team up with people with skills I don’t possess. This means I can take on projects that I had to turn down before. Awesome business app.

Juliana, Brazil – Bizz Zone

I have good friends but most of them are committed to someone, or are having babies!  I need to widen my circle of friends and find others who are also independent and  have the means to travel in a bit of luxury! Now with BizzBuzzboom, I  can find people nearby who have the same values and lifestyle. We can meet up and perhaps then plan a trip or event together.

Hillary, Bahamas & UK – Buzz Zone

What kind of name is that? Anon!

BizzBuzzBoom? …

I really like the elevator pitch and mentoring opportunity in Bizz.

Natalia, Jordon – Bizz Zone

It is refreshing not to fill out one of those long and often meaningless questionnaires to create my profile. BizzBuzzBoom’s approach to create a profile and match I find innovative. It’s fast, smart  and simple. Abigail, U.S.

Abigail, US – BizzBuzzBoom

I am a start-up business and Iike that you can search locally for someone who would be willing to share their retail  and storage space –  quickly and simply finding or offering local co-working space on an app, fabulous idea!

Philippa, UK – Bizz Zone

I own a successful business and BizzBuzzBoom lets me find people who also have the time and the means to explore the world with me. Tony, Canada.

Tony, Canada – BizzBuzzBoom

I am what is called a remote worker, I don’t have an office and work with my laptop on the beach. I surf and work! The ‘Bizz’ of this app will enable me to find new clients and clients to find me… even when I am on a beach. Really nice!

Claudio, Italy – Bizz Zone

I guess people may visit this app to have the opportunity to mix with professionals and adventures through the Buzz zone. But actually, I will also find it interesting to swipe into the  Bizz zone and view local businesses if I  want to buy something. I think if  the business profile is professional, has good values, offers quality and is local I would be more likely to buy from them.

Jane, UK – Bizz Zone

Great that there is no advertising and love that one price covers all functions.  

Frank, Italy – BizzBuzzBoom

I work in the financial sector, I make a lot of money, but I struggle to vamp up my circle of friends.  I have precious little time and when I make time I mostly find most people  don’t have a similar mindset. Why I like this app is that it enables me to find people in my location with similar means who also  enjoy the same sort of fun, and have the same sort of quality lifestyle and values as me.  

Daniel, London – Buzz Zone

I have the opportunity to take on a great contract, I can deliver on certain areas but need  another enterprise with a different set of skills and resources to complete the other part of the contract . The Bizz element of the app lets me reach out locally and find such people and support.

Maria, Translavania – Bizz Zone

Really innovative – at last an app that has a social conscious. I like that you can highlight what you care about or want to promote… whether it is an environmental, humanitarian or local project. To see what  people care about when I am viewing potential matches  for friendship or business is a great thing!  Values say a lot about a person  and business.

Kata, Hungry – BizzBuzzBoom

I am in business and it is excellent how the Bizz element of the app will help grow and market my business – I think it is great value. Love the fact that I can also build up a new and exciting social calendar with Buzz.

Freya, UK – Bizz Zone

I prefer that you pay for the app as I believe this helps  discourage those who are looking for  a cheap deal. I think this helps attract a particular set of people  who are looking for meaningful relationships for social and business networking. Francis, Geneva

Francis, Geneva – BizzBuzzBoom

Love that BizzBuzzboom has  group chat – now I can bring people together who share similar quality lifestyles! Great simple way to coordinate or highlight my events and activities in one place.

International Eventer! BizzBuzzBoom

Buzz lifestyle and value descriptors allows me to  find and meet-up with people in my location who have similar values and enjoy a comparable lifestyle as me.

Amelia, France – Buzz Zone

I invest in businesses, especially innovative, green businesses. The ‘BIZZ’ zone allows me to search for local business looking for a financial investor. I really like how the app provides potential matches and enables the business to showcase themselves through pictures and links. It is really great how you can see  the enterprise’s values and their pitches on why I should invest in them. Great app as it will help me make choices on who to reach out to, meet and perhaps invest in.  

Duke, USA – Bizz Zone

I travel  extensively with work and find myself in a hotel or restaurant eating alone. This means now when I travel,  for example when in Barcelona for work I can go into Buzz and look for people who share my lifestyle and values … and  meet up for  Tapas.   It will put international zap into my social calendar!

Julia, UK – Buzz Zone

I will certainly use both zones of BizzBuzzBoom, I will swipe into BIZZ to grow my business and swipe to BUZZ to  build new friendships and networks at home and overseas. It’s super that everything is one app. Tania, Global Explorer!  

Tania, Global Explorer Bizz&Buzz Zone…

Download BizzBuzzBoom and access both the Bizz and Buzz features

BUZZ, your social life facilitator!
Discover your quality lifestyle match when chilling at home, on a break,
in a new city or at an event!

'BIZZ' discover local opportunities to grow our business and develop professionally.
Who is your local, relevant B2B match?


This innovative, awesome mighty little app is your
personal & professional facilitator.

Download & discover the fun and smart BizzBuzzBoom App.



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