10 Tips For Highly Effective Co-working for Digital Nomads & other Entrepreneurs – Part 1

10 Tips For Highly Effective Co-working for Digital Nomads & other Entrepreneurs – Part 1

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If you make your money online through online promotions, e commerce/dropshipping, or online publishing, you probably already know that you have a location-independent livelihood. That’s right-you can travel the world and take long holidays and still earn a full-time income. But, as you probably already know first-hand, being a digital nomad is not a bed of roses, nor sand and sea chill outs.

Sure, you get to own your time and work on what you want to work on when you want. You can get up and go anytime. You have full ownership over your workday. The downside is you might not be all that productive working from your laptop in your PJs at home. You may  sometimes be a bit of a naughty nomad and not   nail down your work objectives  as you should. Your tea place in Bali, or your local drop in high street coffee shop in London offers too many distractions

Being a typical digital nomad, you may want more of a conducive working environment. A hang out that is more of a work fit to you. You escaped from the ‘box’, the claustrophobic office environment, so now consider exploring local coworking space.

Coworking space will not just make you a fashion icon when you lose your home, working  PJs and get out.  Coworking space also helps you motor your business in a smart, focused way.

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Hey, but wait, coworking space is also a fab option for many startups too. Startups often need office space, but don’t really have the budget when in launch mode. Startups often do not want to get themselves locked into a long rental contract either.

If you are a startup, right now you may need to put your dosh into developing your product or service.  You don’t have the money for a swanky office, never mind something more humble. Consider coworking space!

Coworking space styles vary.  Many coworking spaces offer fast wifi and efficient layouts. Hopefully your coworking space in Vietnam has a chair that is not a nobly, tree trunk. Or, your flashy coworking space in London has a mod, comfy seat. Not one that leaves your poor bottom  burning after a couple of hours!

What is your preferred style of coworking space?  My  preferred coworking space,  even when in the city would have a bit of an urban, garden feel  – kinda Zen vibe… I like this very much!

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Coworking spaces can offer fresh spaces for thought and collaboration. They can really help nail down your Web-based business’ tasks quickly,

Co-working spaces gives entrepreneurs like yourself an awesome option because they usually ‘Do flexible!’  Often you can rent as much or as little time as you want. These spaces are designed specifically for entrepreneurs who are on a tight budget or do not need an office 24/7.

Quality co-working spaces have sprouted up in most corners of the globe so don’t think you won’t find a good co-working spot if you’re in the backwoods of Thailand, or near the Arctic Circle in Russia.

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Regardless of where you rent a co-working space, follow the ten tips below if you want to get every ounce of value from these spaces. After all you worked hard for your livelihood so you deserve excellent value for money.

Tip #1:  Be clear about the co-working space’s full range of rates

You don’t want a nasty surprise when you sign up for a co-working space. You might be thinking you’re getting a great hourly rate only to lose out on an amazing monthly deal.

Be clear about how often you’ need coworking space in a given month so you rent the space you need – no more, no less.

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Next, ask for all the rates the coworking space offers: hourly, daily, monthly, quarterly. The more options you get the better.

Select among these based on your requirements. Longer rental periods can open up special deals.  If you don’t see this in their pitch – no harm asking if they can do a special rate.

I like places that offer flexibility, great free coffee and comfort. Oh, yea, fast wifi tooo! Digital Nomads shouted out some great comments on the conversation ‘What makes coworking space dope, besides fast wifi and cushions?’ (found on the Digital Nomads Around the World platform). I pulled in some of their masterly comments here – thank you DNs!. Please post comments & further tips too on BizzBuzzBoom facebook.

Tip #2:  Prepare a list of tasks you’ll do at the co-working space

Since you are paying for every hour, day, or month you spend at a co-working space, make sure you spend that time doing something truly productive.

What’s is ‘productive’? Well, it’s an activity that directly or indirectly gets you more income. Stick with this simple definition.

Accordingly, create a list of tasks you’ll be doing at the space based on this definition. Leave everything else for your personal time. Giving yourself time for  brainstorming new business ideas, or putting together a new website site would also  be another smart way of making your time productive in your coworking space. We never give ourself time for brainstorming and it is such a smart tool to get to our personal creative bits we never knew we had!

For example, you’re doing productive things at the co-working space if you plan on communicating with your mentor or the people you’re mentoring via the BizzBuzzBoom App.

Finding local networks and partners for collaboration/teamup or discovering influencers in your field is also a 5 pin strike for productivity!

You can find and grow these awesome local networking  contacts on the newly launched BizzBuzzBoom app (which is free at the mo!). Come join us and help grow this B2B community with shared values!


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Tip #3:  Don’t waste your co-working time on routine ministerial stuff

If you just wanted to check email, social media updates, or shallow site statistics, you don’t have to rent a co-working space. You can do all that on your own time. You can do that stuff at home or at a local tea cafe! No need to pay for a special place to do any of that.

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Use co-working spaces for what they are designed for; places where you can focus on the tasks that push your business forward. Co-working spaces are great for creative work, research, brainstorming, and collaborative BizzBuzzBoom outreach too.

Tip #4:  Visit the co-working space before renting

If George Orwell was around now, he would have said in his great book, Animal Farm, part 2, ‘Co-working spaces are not created equal!’.

You DMs and startups no doubt have some stories to tell about that! Some Coworking spaces are very well-designed and are conducive for maximum focus and productivity. Others have messy and distracting designs or layouts, and have awful coffee.

Different people respond to their surrounding space in various ways. What works for one, may not work for the other. Just to be sure you’ll be productive in a co-working space.  Visit it and think about how productive you’ll be in that workday space. Is this going to be good value for me.

Location of coworking space is very important, however whatever you do, don’t rent just because the space is closest to you. The fact that, that delicious cake shop or that awesome surf is a skip away should not really be your decision maker. (On the plus side tho’, you may become an adorable chunky, epic surfer).

Tip #5:  Avoid burnout by creating a ‘co-working circuit’

As efficient and productive you may be at one co-working spot, sooner or later you might come down with ‘cabin fever.’

You just can’t produce as quickly or as efficiently as before. You don’t know why but your work quality and output drops.

Avoid this all too common burnout problem by jumping from one co-working space to another based on a schedule.

This way, you remain engaged and focused because you don’t burn out from your surroundings’ familiarity. I am guessing here you have been in this zone too!

Here’s how you do avoid zoning out: visit different co-working spaces within your acceptable radius and pick out the ones that you think you’ll be the most productive in.

Create a rental schedule where you move from one spot to the next after a few days, a week, or a month. Keep switching among these spaces according to your schedule so you avoid burning out. New environments help give an energy fix.

Ok, let’s take a break. A little pause while I write, part 2.  Post comments in my BizzBuzzBoom facebook discussions and I will try and include your comments and helpful suggestions once again.



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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash