BizzBuzzBoom App – Internship –  Description

Are you looking for an online internship that is fun, works with your busy schedule and gives you great work experience linked to your study?


Are you a student (or recently graduated) on a course studying marketing and/or event planning?


Are you also learning how to use social media tools and platforms?


Check this out!


BizzBuzzBoom is offering an amazing internship you can do in your location online – an internship that is flexible, offers great learnings, provides fabulous experience and a mentor… and is fun!



Would you like to apply the skills you are learning and help promote an amazing, cool, innovative, new social and professional networking app?

BizzBuzzBoom The Facilitator for Networking Locally

BizzBuzzBoom                     The Facilitator for Networking Locally


BizzBuzzBoom App is The Facilitator for Professionals and Adventurers.

The BizzBuzzBoom app has two innovative, matching algorithms, Bizz & Buzz. The Bizz feature is for entrepreneurs,  and the Buzz  feature is for fun and professional social networking.

Buzz is perfect for professionals seeking ‘local matching others’ with a similar quality lifestyle and values.

BUZZ is great for students when on campus. Students have fun viewing others who have the best, potential matching vibe.

Students check out their awesome 60%, 80% campus or city matches. Students can group chat easily and join up for the next dope event or cool exhibition with other students who share their vibe.

And, BizzBuzzBoom App is great when travelling, find  potential social & professional matches in Barcelona, London, Boston, Berlin…

BizzBuzzBoom App is currently free, easy to set up,  huge fun and smart!

It is also an app with a heart as it offers space to highlight care for others and support for our environment.

Do you think you have what it takes to create visibility for this new, mighty little app with a heart?

Do you think you have the pull to get your student community on the app?

Or, do you think you can tap into another market?

Do your friends describe you as a persuader? Are friends impressed by your event campaigns and social media bling?

BizzBuzzBoom in London

BizzBuzzBoom in London

Are you the next ‘It went viral’ genius?

BizzBuzzBoom is seeking creative, vibrant students currently on a university course, (or recently graduated student(s)) that focuses on marketing, social media, or event planning/campaigns.

Essential Experience and Drive!

  • Intern must be passionate about social media marketing and active on social media platforms. Applicant must be able to share/demonstrate their presence on one or more of the following… facebook page, blog, instagram account, linkedIn etc.

  • Experience on building relationships offline is important too. Perhaps you lead or, work in a team/group at university (or other environment) that is active in creating/organising events.

  • Promoted events on university (or other) online platforms …;

  • Social media savvy; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube…

  • Someone who is fully active on a range of apps we would like to see, e.g., apps supporting social networking, professional networking, B2B, planning, events…

 Desired Experience

  • LinkedIn Platform functions;

  • SEO (basic knowledge is fine);

  • Photoshop and video editing;

  • Active learner/reader in areas of social/viral marketing content; and

  • Discovered new cultures/countries different from one’s own.

Internship with BizzBuzzBoom - fun and flexible!

BizzBuzzBoom Internship – Hydrate and achieve, but sling the plastic straw!

Tools – Desirable

  • Apps that create visual effects;

  • Photoshop;

  • Canva/video editing;

  • YouTube video;

  • Articulate/Go animate; and/or

  • Eventbrite


Person who is committed to supporting environmental, humanitarian issues or local community projects. Supports inclusion & diversity.



Duration of Internship & Other…

  • Available for 3 months and is able to commit to a minimum of 10 hours  a week.

  • Internship duration minimum of 3 months, possible internship extension if relationship goes well for both parties.

  • Intern must be 18 or over; 
  • No remuneration – that means, currently this is an unpaid internship!


  • Learn to follow and deliver on set objectives, like you need to do in any job;

  • Receive regular feedback on deliverables, learn to deal positively with constructive feedback;

  • Receive reference for successful outcomes at end of internship;

  • Opportunity to learn and apply marketing strategies and engage with marketing tools;

  • Opportunity to build local, business relationships;

  • Mentoring and support from experienced, business entrepreneur;

  • No need to move location –  we will connect with you online;

  • 10 hours a week over 3 months means that you are likely to be able to follow this special BizzBuzzBoom internship whilst studying and/or taking on other opportunities.

BizzBuzzBoom Internship - Discover new friendships

BizzBuzzBoom App – Discover new friendships


Provide CV & an aligned BizzBuzzBoom cover letter of how you are an awesome  fit for this BizzBuzzBoom internship by including this…

  • Download BizzBuzzBoom App. (currently available free on Itunes and Google Play Store). Create profile in both Bizz & Buzz.

  • Having created your Bizz & Buzz profiles, identify at least 3 pros and cons on how you rate the BizzBuzzBoom App. Include these pros and cons in your cover letter.

  • Include in your cover letter one approach you would use to promote the app in London, New York, Berlin, Beijing, New Delhi, Madrid…, or in your student or local community.

  • Include any links (or if preferred screen shots) to social media platforms you are responsible for in your cover letter.

  • Include any information of any groups you are active in as a student to give us a  bit of a perspective on you! 🙂

Applicants who do not provide a cover letter as described above will NOT be considered.

Send your applications here:

In the subject line of email write Internship & include your family name

(Following directions accurately is part of any job – so impress us and also help yourself by following our directions above on the submission of your cover letter. This will help you to be screened in to the first stage; greatly improving your chances of being contacted for interview!)

Good luck! 🙂 Bella

Job Type: Internship