Organising an Event or Activity? – BIZZBUZZBOOM your event!

Organising an Event or Activity? – BIZZBUZZBOOM your event!

Hello there Event Organiser/Host,

Are you looking to gain local and cost free visibility for your event?

Are you wanting your guests/visitors to see your event(s) as fabulous and full of BIZZBUZZBOOM?

Are you arranging a small or large event/activity and want people to have fun from the start and quickly meet others they are likely to want to speak to on the night/day?

Yes, well here is a practical event connecting tool, the BIZZBUZZBOOM APP. 

Event organisers/hosts can promote their event and also help guests/visitors with a a similar vibe connect on the day via the BIZZBUZZBOOM APP!  Set up is super easy!

Simply send your guests the links below to download the BIZZBUZZBOOM APP.  Create some fun social networking from the start and spark curiosity. Here is how to do it…

Invitation Template

Include in your event publicity or invitation this:

I/we am/are really looking forward to meeting you all at our next awesome (event name).  We have lots of local/international people/delegates/visitors who have signed up/are joining. If you would like to get the most from the event join us on the BIZZBUZZBOOM APP. Find other guests coming to our (name of event) with a similar vibe via BUZZ localised, matching algorithm. It’s fun, simple to set up, and free.

No need to feel anxious introducing yourself, or miss great social networking opportunities – Find interesting and relevant others at our (name of event) event (in the crowd).

Join us on the BIZZBUZZBOOM APP…

  • First, download the BIZZBUZZBOOM APP (free) before the event or at the event:



Great, now it’s downloaded simply tap to BUZZ, social networking;

  • Create your BUZZ headline and include (optional) the name and date of the XXX event;
  • Create profile, select your lifestyle and values to trigger the amazing and fun, local matching algorithm; and
  • Discover potential, quality lifestyle matches online and connect face to face at XXX event.
  • Use the BUZZ chat, or BUZZ group chat facility and organise ahead of time who and where you will meet at the event.

Our events are huge fun and offer a simple way of discovering interesting connections 

 An event full of BIZZBUZZBOOM!