Valencia BizzBuzzBoom App Treasure Hunt for Business

Valencia BizzBuzzBoom App Treasure Hunt for Business

Valencia BizzBuzzBoom App Treasure Hunt for Business
 – Come Join Us!

It’s really not easy finding the right people to bring into your life, or meeting impactful ‘go to’ people who can help make your business successful. But when you find these special connections – WOW! You so appreciate and treasure them.

This local Valencia Treasure Hunt for Business and/or Professional Development is about helping you find the right relationships, resources and networks for your particular business needs. At the same time it gives us the opportunity of supporting local entrepreneurs and startups, or those passing through Valencia who often do not naturally connect.

If you are in Valencia and a Startup, Entrepreneur, a ‘Dope Digital Nomad’, run a business networking group or offer Coworking space, join us on the ‘Valencia Treasure Hunt for Business!’

Simply download the BizzBuzzBoom App (just launched – free for 3 months) from the App store. (Link to app below). Use the BizzBuzzBoom business app as a tool to raise awareness of your business on the Treasure Hunt. Work the innovative, business matching algorithm to look for great connections and networks right here in Valencia.

 People in the know, who know where to go – in Valencia and beyond the orange trees!

Once you have downloaded the BizzBuzzBoom app, swipe into ‘Bizz’ for Business Networking. Simply create your cool ‘Bizz’ profile and set up what treasure you want to dig for! Select options from  ‘Looking for…’ or/and Offering to…’ that best fit your business or professional developmental needs. Go explore!

Each day, have fun playing with the innovative, smart BizzBuzzBoom business matching algorithm to increase your potential matches for your business. 


Hold  fruitful discussions with your matches within the app via ‘Bizz’ chat.  Organise meet-ups, coordinate any events/activities you have broadcasted in your Bizz business profile with the Bizz chat/group facilitator.

Download BizzBuzzBoom and join the ‘Valencia Treasure Hunt for Business’ and find out how many people are interested in what you do too, want to collaborate or share great relevant networks.

BizzBuzzBoom – The Facilitator Is a mighty little app (with values) that can be used wherever you place your feet! For us, it will be our personal Business Facilitator in Valencia for ‘The Valencia Treasure Hunt for Business’. The treasure will be meeting exciting, supportive, innovative professionals and adventurers with shared values, and finding new clients.

BizzBuzzBoom pulling down walls and building a supportive business community with shared values. 

BizzBuzzBoom’s Values based on inclusion, diversity & innovation.




DOWNLOAD HERE BizzBuzzBoom App (FREE for 3 months) for Android TO JOIN ‘THE VALENCIA TREASURE HUNT FOR BUSINESS ‘. ‘Tap into ‘Bizz’:



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Networking and Relaxing Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash